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With direct access to over 2,500 Influencers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Penny provides exclusive rates for curated dance-focused content across a multitude of major labels, artists, management companies, and brands. She has worked on a vast array of highly successful TikTok campaigns (with a direct correlation to spike in streams) for artists such as DEMI LOVATO, YELLOWCLAW, BAZZI, AVA MAX, MAJOR LAZER, etc. Consistent clients include CREED MEDIA, ATLANTIC RECORDS, SONY MUSIC, UMG, etc. She has pioneered Instagram campaigns for artists such as CAMILA CABELLO, MEGHAN TRAINOR, TORY LANEZ, J. BALVIN, LETTUCE, AVA MAX, SMINO, BURNA BOY, ALEC BENJAMIN, and beyond. Please visit the "CONTACT" tab to be quoted! 

@ericaKlein x julia michaels

@micaheldameski X jp saxe


@deeglazer x major lazer

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