A Shortform Variety Show 

A WHERE HOUSE Production

Conceived/Directed by: PENNYWILD

Hosted by: BroadStream


PENNY'S 2 CENTS is a short form variety show focused on stimulating, multi-faceted, and ever-chasing artist to artist conversation/discourse. Similar to a podcast medium, the series focuses on profiling said selected artist(s) with the interest of spreading artist visibility, sharing creative tips & tricks, and generally engaging inter-artist relationships. 

Emulating a modern day "Judy Garland Show," Penny will invite Musicians, Directors, Choreographers, Visual Artists, Theatre Artists, Songwriters, Journalists, etc to join in riveting conversation live in the (audience-less) "studio". When applicable, the artist will perform live, plug their newest work, and/or have an opportunity to share a piece of digital media/art piece/etc.


Averaging 15 minutes per episode, Penny will start with a brief introduction, invite her guest in to begin the discussion, move through various segments, and then share their newest creations.


In addition to profiling guests, Penny will also create exclusive digital content to bookend each episode such as dance videos, choreography snippets, original music sneak-peaks, playlists, "favorite things", etc. 



An Episodic Dance Series

A WHERE HOUSE Production

Conceived/Directed by: PENNYWILD

Hosted by: BroadStream



When I first started to find my choreographic voice upon moving to LA in 2015, I was searching for an excuse to create consistent content and find a space to properly present it. I had access to a wide variety of professional dancers, videographers, studio owners, editors, etc, but no real boundary of what to create, or how to create it. Thus became #WildWednesdays - a freestanding open source digital series available exclusively on Instagram and YouTube. 

What started as a means for me to merely express myself became an accidental portfolio of visual creations I'd spearheaded over the years. These videos would end up booking me my first few professional Choreography gigs, which would then help book me larger projects. 

The chance to re-develop this already existing series would be quite energizing. Now that I've really immersed myself in the world of Direction/ Choreography properly, re-approaching the series would allow for gripping new developments. 





Additional Ideas:

1) Compare The Choreography (Getting 3 choreographers to create to the same piece of music and comparing them) - A case study vibe 

2) DJ Lessons (I teach someone how to DJ or produce electronic music from scratch) 

3) Something MT related

4) Penny's Picks - I chat about music I'm into, review it, similar to Anthony Fantano's "The Needle Drop"

5) Critiquing/Examining music videos? From a director's point of view? 

6) Dance Lessons 

7) Penny For Your Thoughts